Conditional formatting in spreadsheets with cells from different sheets

It has been some time since I last wrote an article that was a bit technical and not at all pedagogical. Today I want to talk about the conditional formatting of Google spreadsheets. Recovering a functionality of my gradebook I have found this casuistry and, if you don’t know it, maybe it can be useful for you.

As most of you know, conditional formatting in spreadsheets, as the name suggests, allows the formatting of a cell to change if certain conditions occur. For example, we can make a cell with a number appear red if it is negative or black if it is positive. What I want to show in this article is how to change the format of a cell based on the values we enter in another cell that is also in another tab of the same spreadsheet (or better said, in another sheet of the same spreadsheet).

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Reducing grades is the consequence

For some time now, when I do trainings, I have been meeting teachers who want to reduce the grades in their subjects, but don’t really know how to do it. Since we opened the No Grades group on Facebook (not yet part of the group? There are already over 400 of us!), I get even more enquiries from teachers who are concerned about the over-reliance of students on grades.

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There is life beyond the analytical rubric

Analytical rubrics have been in vogue for a few years now. You talk to teachers at all levels and many of them use analytical rubrics. And it seems that by using these rubrics they are already doing formative and formative evaluation.

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Text documents to consult on screen?

It is strange how we are evolving, but, deep down, we are people of habits and it is difficult for us to change. Why do we do things in a certain way? Often simply out of habit. And because of the change in mentality that we should make in order to do them differently.

Despite this very philosophical introduction, I would like to talk about a very simple, concrete and everyday issue: text documents. Consider Word, Google documents or PDF.

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