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In different articles of this blog I have presented some templates and scripts that I’ve been creating and share with Creative Commons license of the type attribution, non-commercial and share alike.

Here is a link to each of them, as an index:

  • Temploate for creating groups of students: is a spreadsheet template that, with formulas only, allows you to create groups of students and easily view students who have already met in some groups.
  • Share documents with studenst and families: in this article you can find 2 templates that each have an associated script
    • Template for creating a folder structure,  one for each student with different subfolders. In a specific folder on the Drive, a folder will be created for each student and shared with him (and his family if indicated). This folder can have two subfolder levels. For example, one for each course (2017-2018) and a second level to order the documents of a course (for example: evaluation reports, information, project reports…)
    • Template for distributing files in in a folder to student folders.
  • CoRubrics: is a Google spreadsheet add-on that makes it easy to evaluate, self-assess and co-evaluate with rubrics.
  • Virtual teacher’s gradebook (only in spanish): template with associated script that allows the complete tracking of students in a subject. From the planning of the sessions, through attendance, class attitude and incidences and ending with the management of grades and competencies.
  • Assistatut (only in spanish): template with associated script that allows to coordinate different teachers that use the virtual gradebook. It is mostly used when, in a school, all teachers use the gradebook. Assistatut collects the gradebook’s data and displays it to the tutor. In this way, the tutor can view the attendance, grades, incidences and competency summaries of his/her students.
  • Rubrics evaluation – only teacher (only in spanish): is a template created by Alberto GilSanz for a teacher to evaluate students’ work with a rubric using only a spreadsheet. I added a script that allows to send the results to the students.
  • ImExClass: a spreadsheet add-on that allows you to import and export grades between a spreadsheet and Google Classroom.

caCatalà (Catalan) esEspañol (Spanish)

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