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In May 2013 I decided to create this blog. At the beginning, it was an uncertainty as to what I would end up with, and in fact, I’m not quite sure yet. At least one thing is clear to me, I want the block to serve to share experiences and ideas about education.
Educational blogs are a lot of them and I think that if I can share something that could be of interest to someone, this is the use of technology in educational centres, both at learning level (what is called TAC) and at centre organization level.

I have been using Google Suite for Education (G Suite) for years and, in fact, I am a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Google for Education Certified Innovator and for this reason many articles are about this topic.

Of course, all the articles in this blog are based on my real experience. If I recommend applications, it’s because I’ve tried them in the centre, and they have worked for me. You will not find here recommendations for future tools, but only those that I have thoroughly tested and am using.

In any case, a minimal presentation. I am currently a Technical Teaching Advisor in the Area of ​​Digital Culture of the Department of Education of Catalonia. I am also associate teacher at the Maecenas Foundation, at the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) and at the University of Girona, on various postgraduate courses in educational innovation and digital competence.
I’m a Telecommunications Engineer, I started in the world of high education in 1999. I had come from working for 5 years in a computer company, but the values that were breathed I am not enthusiastic.

In 2005 I passed the competitive examinations and since then I am in public institutes as a technology teacher. And some years I have developed some positions (pedagogical coordinator, coordinator of activities and school services, coordinator of the strategic plan, head of studies…).

In all the centres where I have been, I have always collaborated in the implementation of technology. Moodle, Joomla, Google apps for education,… Basically, this is the part I think I can share in this blog.

At an academic level, apart from the Telecommunications Engineer training, I would like to highlight a Master’s degree in digital production and sound (I am amateur musician) that I studied at La Salle and the Vicens Vives Programme at ESADE. Like most teachers, the list of courses and courses I have attended and continue to attend would be endless.

As a hobby, I am a flue player and with my wife we have a channel where we hang our music: Lànit

If you’re more interested in how I got here, you should check out https://about.me/jfeliu_en

Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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