New functionality in CoRubrics: checklists (BETA)

I have just published a new feature for CoRubrics in BETA phase: checklists. Assessing with rubrics, especially co-assessing and self-assessing, is very interesting, but it is certainly complicated. It is not easy to design a good rubric and have students make it their own.

Sometimes, another assessment tool can be used, such as checklists: a list of aspects or criteria that learners should consider when performing a task, and where they should indicate whether they have achieved them or not. Here is a simple example of an excerpt from a checklist for assessing a portfolio.

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New template at CLASS-MON

From a video that Christian Negre posted on Twitter (I guess you already follow him @applejux, but if not, what are you waiting for?) About how he uses the Classroom questions to perform a small self-evaluation of the students when he finishes a topic in his subject, I have updated CLASS-MON with a new template. This is the link from Christian’s Tweet where I attached the video.

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Collect data from different spreadsheets without using scripts

Lately I have been asked several times how to perform this operation. Several teachers have classes with the same students (although not exactly the same) and all evaluate the same aspects. Each one has their own sheet with their students and they want to be able to gather all the information and make averages. In addition, you can also create one sheet per student so that they can only see their results.

In this article I will detail a possible way to do it.

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G Suite Administration Console (2): Audits

Continuing with the series of articles on the Google apps for education admin console, today I review a very useful option that, because of the questions I receive, is not very well known. It’s about audits. The console lets you know what’s going on in many ways, always keeping your data private. Where’s a drive file? How many users have opened it? Who deleted an event from the shared calendar? And a lot of other things.
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