Web with applications for Chromebooks

Imatge de Pierre Lecourt

I’ve been working with Chromebooks with the students for almost two years. The truth is that I am very happy and understand perfectly well that more and more schools are showing interest and choosing it as a computer for the students.

Many people ask me about my experience. Of all the questions, the most common is about the applications we use. There is always doubt if you miss some applications.

The truth is that I usually use a Chromebook as a working tool. At home I have a Windows computer, but I prefer to work with Chromebook. Signal I don’t miss anything. But adaptation may not be easy.

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Why don’t I use Google Drive Team Drives for the moment?

A few weeks ago, Google added the Team Units to the Drive. The truth is that they looked very good and I immediately tried them. After all this testing time, I have decided not to use them in the centre. In this article I explain the reasons.
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