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In the last month, CoRubrics has added a couple of updates to further encourage formative assessment. CoRubrics has always been primarily a formative assessment tool. But the use of numbers to indicate the level achieved did not facilitate this conception of assessment.

By default, CoRubrics proposes not to send any grade. The idea is that the rubric is passed several times during the completion of an assignment, so that students receive feedback, reflect and make decisions to improve. But indicating the level achieved with numbers caused many students to make calculations to guess the grade, when the intention was for them to read the descriptions achieved and improve the task.

As mentioned above, CoRubrics has been updated twice.

  • When students receive the rubric, the description of the level they have reached in the rubric is shaded and they receive the colour legend.
  • When choosing the sending options, a new option has been created to choose whether the numbers indicating the level of each aspect are sent. By default, they are not sent.

Together with the two updates, when the assessment is done with the rubric, the results can be sent as follows:

In this way, the learner does not receive any numbers, only the rubric with the shaded areas according to the level achieved. In this way, it becomes clearer that the rubric is used formatively, to detect which aspects the learner is achieving, which aspects still need to be improved and to see how to do so (from the descriptions of the more advanced levels).

If, at the end of the learning process, you want to use the rubric for grading, the options offered by CoRubrics have not changed and you can continue to send the final mark for each type of assessment (co-assessment, self-assessment and hetero-assessment) and the overall mark (weighted average of the previous ones).

Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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