How do I use Google Classroom?

I’ve been using Google Classroom in the classroom with students for 3 years. At first, there were few of us who dared to jump in. I’ve seen a lot more people using it lately. I have already explained in one article that Moodle and Classroom are different things to me. Neither better nor worse. In any case, Classroom is better suited to my way of managing the classroom. Following several conversations I’ve had lately, this article explains how I use it. It’s not the best way, nor the only way. But I share it in case it can be an inspiration or just to find out how NOT to use it 😉

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Control and review users in a G Suite domain: Google Vault

In an educational centre, it is important to know what students do with digital tools. In a previous post, I explained the audit options available from the domain management console. But sometimes we need something else. Can we see what emails sends a user? Can we see files they haven’t shared with anyone? Administrators can do it with Google Vault. In this article we will see some functionality, but it is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the tool.

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Web with applications for Chromebooks

Imatge de Pierre Lecourt

I’ve been working with Chromebooks with the students for almost two years. The truth is that I am very happy and understand perfectly well that more and more schools are showing interest and choosing it as a computer for the students.

Many people ask me about my experience. Of all the questions, the most common is about the applications we use. There is always doubt if you miss some applications.

The truth is that I usually use a Chromebook as a working tool. At home I have a Windows computer, but I prefer to work with Chromebook. Signal I don’t miss anything. But adaptation may not be easy.

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Google+ Community of CoRubrics

If you use any of the CoRubrics Add-ons I encourage you to sign up for the Google+ community I’ve created.
In this way, you will be able to be connected with other teachers who also use them and we will be able to share doubts, experiences, improvements…
The community is trilingual, in Catalan, Spanish and English, as CoRubrics is in these three languages. It is also in Basque but I don’t speak it: – (I want everyone to use the language they know or prefer. I will always reply in the language in which the questions are raised.
And if someone doesn’t understand any of the subjects I won’t have any problem in interpreting.