CLASS-MON, an add-on to encourage self-evaluation and self-regulation of students

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Today I present the project from my participation in the Google Innovators Academy that took place a year ago in Madrid, ESP18. A very rich experience for me, both for the intensive learning and for the relationships with other innovators. During this year Nay Belaunzarán has accompanied me and tutored the project and I only have words of gratitude for her.

But let’s get down to business. Here’s aadd-on for spreadsheets with a very clear purpose. To help students to self-evaluate in order to learn to self-regulate. It may sound very pretentious and the complement is really very simple.

The idea is to facilitate the process of creating a form for students to indicate how they are doing the tasks of a project or a unit or a topic. When the student finishes a task, he reflects on its realization and answers a question from a form such as the following.

From there, the teacher knows at all times the state of the tasks and the perception of their realization. He can detect the students with the most difficulties, those who do not evaluate themselves correctly, etc.

The add-on has many more options, among them, that students can see their answers in order to review and improve their tasks. In any case, if you think it can be useful for you, you will find it in the complements area of the spreadsheets.

In the following address you will find all the information. I hope it can be useful for a formative and formative evaluation!

Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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