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Today is the end of the year and I have a simple wish for the next one. In fact I have it today and the rest of the year, but these days it is more typical to communicate them.

A very simple desire: share and encourage the sharing of the materials you create as teachers.

Personally, and if you follow this blog you know perfectly well, I share practically everything I develop for my school. Faced with the fears of those who do not share, I always ask the same question. All the material that you create for your classes or school and keep, do you plan to sell it to someone? If the answer is no (always is no), what’s the point of keeping it to yourself? If you won’t do business, show it!

It’s not about giving lessons to anyone. Simply show what you create. If someone sees it and doesn’t find it interesting, he’ll pass by, no problem. But I’m sure someone will be interested or will pick up ideas. And, therefore, we will help to improve their classes or their school.

Fortunately, on a personal level there are many teachers that we are sharing. Just search in Internet to find subject blogs or teacher blogs that share materials and resources they have created. Or simply compilations of materials made by other teachers.

At school level, the situation is not so positive. Normally, all moodles or virtual environments are closed and no one can see their content. Doesn’t the center do any joint work that it can show? Many of them, on their websites, post news of projects they have done. But when you want to see the material of the projects to be able to adapt it to your center, no trace. Either there is no link or it is closed to the public.

In project based learning this would be very interesting. Many centres are starting to work in this way, but few interdisciplinary projects are open. Why not publish the materials openly? We would all be enriched together.

In my centre we have been doing this for a long time and all the project materials can be consulted on the centre’s website (although they are in Catalan). We only close documents that contain student data.

And there are some other centers that also share, but they are very few. They usually share the final products or news of how the project has gone, but not the materials they have developed to carry out the project.

So my wish for this coming year is that you will be SHARING as teachers, and that you will ENCOURAGE TO SHARE the material that is also created among several teachers. It will certainly help to improve our teaching practices.

Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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