How to create a bank of resources?

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Last September, the group of moderators of the GEG Spain community (I am lucky enough to be a part) created a resource bank to order all the material created at community meetings and to add other resources that could be useful to the community.

The idea was easy. To be able to easily access presentations, video and other resources. But we thought it necessary to add a social layer, so that the resources could be valued and comments left.

The process is simple. Anyone can propose a resource through a form. Someone checks that the resource is appropriate and has all the information and, when validated, appears on a website where anyone can find, assess and comment.

A resource bank can be very useful in other contexts. And, in the educational context, especially. For this reason, the team of moderators, faithful to our idea of sharing and exchanging experiences, last week published an article explaining how it was created. In this way anyone who has a G Suite account can replicate the resource bank in their center and apply it to other needs.

On what occasions can it be useful? Let’s look at some examples.

  • Book recommendations: a resource bank can be created so that students can add books they have read and comment on what they think. So, when a student wants a recommendation, they can go to the bank and see the books by categories and by ratings.
  • Film recommendations: a film bank can also be made.
  • Board game recommendations.
  • Video game recommendations.

And the list could be almost infinite. Students use many resources. Trying to sort them into a center and help a good choice can be interesting. But you have to think about the investment of time. These resource banks cannot be created without moderation. Some teacher should supervise what is added and what comments are introduced.


Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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