CoRubrics and CoRubrics GSD become add-ons

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The CoRubrics and CoRubrics GSD templates have become Google spreadsheet add-ons. This change does not affect the normal functioning of the evaluation process for rubrics. All it does is make it easier to start the process.

Until now, you had to access the Corubrics website, make a copy of the template that was located in My Drive and finally, move the copy to the folder you want from our Drive.

From now on, once the add-on is installed, a blank spreadsheet can be created inside the folder we want to add to our Drive and, by accessing the Add-ons menu, it will suffice to Activate the add-on. Returning to the Add-ons menu, we can create the template.

To install the CoRubrics or CoRubrics G Suite add-on, simply do the same as with any other add-on. The following video is the procedure to follow.

Administrators of a G Suite domain can automatically install these add-ons to all teachers of the domain through the G Suite administration panel in the Applications / Marketplace applications section.






Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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