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30Can it be useful to project an Android screen in an educational center? There are a couple of situations where it can be very helpful. And you have to find some way to do it quickly and easily.

In the course initial meetings with families is a good time to do some training on digital topics. In my center, for example, we give an account of our domain G Suite each family, so this training is essential. In an article a few months ago, I explained the services families can use, Users for families in a G Suite for education domain.

One of the bases for communication between the center and the family is that families configure the G Suite user on their mobile phone and receive notifications of the center’s emails. But not all families have the digital competence to configure it. So at the initial meeting we showed it to you. And how can we do it easily? By projecting the mobile screen onto a projector screen.

I’ve tried many applications to do it, but in the end I’ve stayed with a very simple application that doesn’t need root permissions or anything like that. The application is Screen mirror.

You can install on Android mobile phone and start up.

Only one START button appears on the screen. If we push it,

the phone starts to output the screen.

Just go to any computer that is on the same network (in the same WiFi or LAN where the router is or AP WiFi connected), open the browser and type the address indicated on the screen of the mobile phone.

The mobile screen appears without doing anything else. In this way we can show what we need with a projector that we have connected to the computer.

I tried it with Chromebooks (which are the computers we have in the center) and it works very well.

Logically, we can find more utilities of this application. Do students use mobile applications in the classroom? If so, it is very useful to project the mobile phone on the classroom screen in order to guide students in downloading, configuring or using an application.

Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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