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At first, this may seem a bit chaotic, but in the long run it will bring improvements to the organization, especially for two reasons. The first is that changing people in office will be much better. And the second is that the person holding a position will have much more organized documents and mail.

And even more so, considering that these mails are not only used for the mail but also for all Google services.
Teachers should be well trained to know which mail to use at all times. I insist, not only to send mails but also to share documents. But if we do, we’ll avoid a lot of permit changes and lost documents.
At the beginning of the course, the passwords of the users of the positions are changed and given to the teachers who will occupy the position in question that year. Without having to do anything else, that teacher can automatically:

  • Access all documents previously created by the position user.
  • Edit documents that, as a teacher, I only had permission to view.
  • Modify Google Groups where the charge user is the owner.
  • View and modify sites that have been created with the user in the position.
  • Modify calendars that I could only view as a teacher.
  • ….
It is important to highlight teacher training when sharing files. It is necessary to be very clear if it is shared with a teacher or with the position held by a teacher, because if it is mixed, then chaos can be monumental.
For example, if the director of a center is a teacher of Natural Sciences, we must use his nominal mail (nombreprofesor@nombreinstituto.es) for those mail and documents internal to the department. It would also be a good idea to use the teacher’s nominal mail to share information with students. By contrast, the post office user should be used by post and site organization documents, direccion@nombreinstituto.es.
Having Google Drive well organized, using groups to share documentation and calendars and using users for fees, the start of the course should be very simple, and we should not have any problem with people and charges that do not have permission to view documents or calendars they need.

Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

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