ImExClass: an add-on for exporting and importing gardes between Classroom and a spreadsheet


Yesterday Google published in the Chrome store of spreadsheet add-ons a new add-on I created, ImExClass.

It’s a simple add-on that solves a need I had and maybe others have as well. I use a spreadsheet (virtual teacher’s gradebook) to keep track of the students. In addition, I use Google Classroom to support my classes.

And of course, I enter the grades of some tasks in Classroom (because they are tasks that have been delivered in this way) and others I enter them in the spreadsheet because they have not delivered anything digital.

I need all grades to be entered in the spreadsheet, which is where I calculate averages and do the complete monitoring of the students.

Google has an option to export Classroom grades, but it creates a spreadsheet with all the notes disorderly. Until now I had chosen to enter all the grades in Classroom and, from time to time, export from Classroom, sort the grade in the order I have in the gradebook and finally copy and paste. It works, but it’s a bit of a cumbersome procedure.

The ImExClass add-on makes this process easier, as it allows me to enter grades into either Classroom or spreadsheet.

If I have entered them in the spreadsheet, the Export option will create a new assigment in Classroom with the grades that were in the spreadsheet.

If I have introduced them to Classroom, I open the spreadsheet and with the Import option, each student in spreadsheet will have their grade copied,

For detailed information on the operation, please refer to the following article.

ImExClass: an add-on for exporting and importing grades between Classroom and a spreadsheet




2 Responses to “ImExClass: an add-on for exporting and importing gardes between Classroom and a spreadsheet”

  1. Irena says:

    I tried the add-on, but it didn’t work for me. It said “Spreadsheet has been imported” (from GClassroom), but no data appeared on the spreadsheet.

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