Jaume Feliu

Consola d’administració de G Suite (4): Configurar la Chrome Web Store

Seguint amb la sèrie d’articles sobre la consola d’administració d’un domini G Suite, avui mostraré la forma de personalitzar la Chrome Store. Els alumnes tenen tendència a instal·lar moltes extensions, moltes d’elles sense saber massa qui les ha fet. Això pot provocar dos problemes importants. En primer lloc, pot ser un problema de seguretat, ja que, tot i que Google ho revisa, pot haver alguna extensió que reculli dades. El segon problema és de càrrega de memòria i, per tant de lentitud.

En aquest article veurem com evitar que els alumnes instal·lin extensions de la Chrome Web Store i com configurar un Chrome Web Store pròpia amb extensions que hem triat. D’aquesta manera, s’ofereix als alumnes extensions que el centre ha provat i sap que són útils. I tampoc obliguem a tots els alumnes a tenir-les instal·lades. Cada un afegirà o eliminarà les que necessiti en cada moment.


Various methodologies, please!

(image by Juan Pablo Bravo, from The Noun Project)

Lately I have seen many schools that presume of working only by projects. I use this methodology (or method, we won’t go into it now) very often. I am in a school where students do projects for a couple of hours each day approximately.

But I don’t understand this habit of saying that everything is done by projects. To begin with, when you scratch a little, questions and shuffle projects (if you have them open), you realize that some parts of what they call projects we call laboratory practices, manipulative math exercises, classical play performances…. a project, as I understand them, has a final product or a clear guiding question and all the research and activities that students do are aimed at getting the product or answering the question. (more…)

Inserting private images into a Google Sheet

A couple of days ago, Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) published a post (Google Sheets: Embed an Image) about the =IMAGE() function to insert images into a spreadsheet. It is a function that allows you to embed an image that is public on the Internet inside a cell. I encourage you to read her post.

With this function you can only embed images that are on the internet in a public way. But what if we want to insert photographs that we don’t want to publish? For example, what if we have created a pupil tracking sheet and we want that their pictures appear? In this article I show an option that can complement Alice’s article.


One file in several Drive folders

Of all G Suite applications, Drive is one of the most widely used, but it’s also one of the most common headaches. To take advantage of it, you have to be tidy and have some clear concepts of how it works. Other times I’ve talked about how to keep it organized: Organizing Google Drive and Google Drive share folders or documents?

In this article I’m talking about the option of having the same file in two or more different folders and the precautions we should take if we use it.


Share and encourage sharing!

Today is the end of the year and I have a simple wish for the next one. In fact I have it today and the rest of the year, but these days it is more typical to communicate them.

A very simple desire: share and encourage the sharing of the materials you create as teachers.