Jul, 2017

Control and review users in a G Suite domain: Google Vault

In an educational centre, it is important to know what students do with digital tools. In a previous post, I explained the audit options available from the domain management console. But sometimes we need something else. Can we see what emails sends a user? Can we see files they haven’t shared with anyone? Administrators can do it with Google Vault. In this article we will see some functionality, but it is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the tool.


Nova versió del quadern virtual (4.0) i de l’Assistatut (2.0)

Acabo de publicar una nova versió del quadern virtual, la 4.0, i de l’Assistatut, la 2.0. Les dues millores més importants són que s’eliminen les diferents plantilles i s’unifiquen totes en una. A més, ara es permet que les sessions durin 2 hores. (more…)